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Forget Me Not Textiles offers pre-order options currently every 4-6 weeks.

What does this means to you? See below, for answers to all of your questions. 

1. FMNT will offer 6-10 new pre-order fabric options every 4-6 weeks that will remain open for app 10 days-2 weeks. This means you will have app 10 days-2 weeks from the date the pre-order opens to order what you need. These dates will be clearly stated in each pre-order. 

2. Once the pre-order ends, we will then tally the fabrics ordered and place your orders for print. Due to the custom nature of pre-orders, we will not allow refunds or cancellations on pre-ordered fabrics. 

3. Each pre-order placed will have a ship time of 4-6 weeks. This means that we will begin shipping your fabrics 4-6 weeks after the pre-order round closes. We will then begin inspecting, cutting and shipping your orders. This can take 1-2 weeks. We ask that you please take all of this into consideration when placing a pre-order. You also have the option of placing a retail order on our sister site if you prefer to not wait on a pre-order. We have found that many of our customers appreciate pre-orders because they can plan their drops accordingly. 

4. Will this pre-order fabric be available on the retail sister site, website at any time before?

No, the pre-order fabric will be released on this website first and then after pre-orders begin to ship, we will then release any extra yardage available on the other site, if we choose to stock It on the sister site. There may be certain instances that a fabric will only be on pre-order and we may not stock it on the sister site.  

5. Is there a limit for each pre-order? 

No, we will make the pre-order open to you for up to two weeks. You can place as many orders as needed until the pre-order ends. We will not have a limited amount of stock, we will print as much as needed. Please note that we do not combine orders. We ship all orders in order of receipt. 

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